Decor - Junoon Dubai
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Architect and designer Tarik Currimbhoy has once again fashioned a contemporary space where ancient Indian artistry and stylish elegance seamlessly converge as he did for New York.

Tree of Life

Junoon’s “Tree of Life” theme will be conveyed through abstractions of bronze Palm Trees symbolic of Dubai, splashed with softened light from golden fixtures. Centuries old Haveli Burma teak arches from an Indian palace act as a stunning counterpoint to their modern motif. Found throughout the restaurant are rich theatrical tones of purple, red and golden hues. The space has subtle natural divides that separate four distinct areas, providing both exclusivity and anonymity. The lounge, main dining room, private dining room and balcony all offer expressions to complete a modern luxury setting celebrating the culinary arts.

The Spaces

Guests enter the space through wooden abstracted “Tree of Life” palm tree arches evoking Dubai. These palms provide a “Namaste” greeting to guests as they enter walking across a “Golden Portura” marble floor. The main dining room begins with dark walnut wooden floors that flow into walnut scalloped flutes up a centralized service station customized for interactive tableside service. From these flutes grow walnut beams across the ceiling. The ceiling recesses suspend four golden chandeliers perfectly framed in front of the back wall of a bronze “Tree of Life” palm leaf screen illuminated by natural light from floating golden sconces. For intimate dinners the private banquette is enclosed with 100-year-old Burma teak arches that quietly conceal plush seating and a tufted wall of deep red velvet cushions. The Private Dining room shares the back wall palm screen with a coffered ceiling and delicate curly Japanese gold lined wallpaper.


Back of the House

The open “Back of House” lends a touch of theatrical excitement as guests enjoy the show of a busy culinary team on a grand stage. A new approach to the open kitchen, the design incorporates the bar as part of the culinary arena. Entering the space a mixology focused display bar to the right as the first station along the perimeter of the open kitchen, which fully opens up to the pastry station and then curves into the dining room beginning with the “Sigri station” an open fire pit. Behind these stations, at the center of this “Arena” guests can see the action of the chef team artistically plating food and conducting a bustling kitchen.


Please join us for the finest dining experience of food, hospitality, and luxury that Indian cuisine can offer.